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circulating supply is ~13m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.

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Earn Zatoshi by claiming from our faucet.


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Get a daily bonus of Zatoshi.


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892 t1cfRcsHLjCUfkdXbo9Bey5AX********** 0.01008000 ZER 9 minutes ago
891 t1JDYVUa2WujmjnnMhfDWHnH3********** 0.00237190 ZER 18 minutes ago
890 t1VW6iMG4MvvQEXPqYS6Ue4A9********** 0.00432000 ZER 33 minutes ago
889 t1WccDytNNcndeHkEvYupB3Re********** 0.00864000 ZER about 1 hour ago
888 t1cpZV6PVr2DEkMcLJkcafuns********** 0.00216000 ZER about 1 hour ago
887 t1bLmHndAe8VXKsqwvL7etEtR********** 0.13649612 ZER about 1 hour ago
886 t1aGqZenWhqSjP2W5TYH9Kq53********** 0.00216000 ZER about 1 hour ago
885 t1NUz64X1K96H1gwS9qYuuH2N********** 0.23500283 ZER 1 hours ago
884 t1PQATMfyNtwapKUPTZG6zT5t********** 0.13089821 ZER 2 hours ago
883 t1MJ7f6AqxnN9btpE33Rm7Xgk********** 0.04262400 ZER 3 hours ago